Mystery telenovela, The Killer Bride, lands on StarTimes

A mystery telenovela, The Killer Bride, has landed on StarTimes. 

To Lazarus Ibeabuchi, spokesman of StarTimes, the telenovela’s theme,‘The Death of Love is Fear’, sums up the mystery that the audience will contend with as the drama unfolds.

The Killer Bride narrates the story that happens at Las Espadas, a place known for having the largest banana plantation run by two rival families – the Dela Torres and the Dela Cuestas. 

But according to legend, a nightmare taints the town. At night, the spirit of a woman wearing a blood-drenched wedding gown wanders around the town. Her name? Camila Dela Torre, the “Killer Bride”. Accused of murdering her fiance’s sibling, she was put behind bars where she perished in a freak fire that engulfed the prison. With her dying breath, she cursed everyone who wronged her and swore to seek retribution. 

Wildflower and Bridges of Love’s star actress, Maja Salvador, played Camilla Dela Torre in The Killer Bride, wearing a burning wedding dress and creating shivers. Going by the twist of tragedy and revenge, Maja said it was even “wilder than the Wildflower”, given the premise that she would exact revenge as a wrathful spirit, after being killed in a prison fire. 

Movie buffs can watch The Killer Bride daily at 7:40pm on ST Novela E Plus channel, which is reputed for showing a vast array of classical television series. They also have the opportunity of doing catch-ups on StarTimes-ON mobile app. 

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