EMCOAN extols FG on amended NBC code

The Electronic Media Content Owners Association of Nigeria (EMCOAN) has extoled the federal government for amending the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC) code

In a statement signed by Jibe Ologeh and Alayande Stephen, president and general secretary respectively, the body said the move would create conducive environment for the development of the Nigerian broadcast industry, ahead of the second phase of the digital switch over kicking off in Lagos on April 29. 

“Our members and anyone involved in the local content industry over the past two decades will affirm the numerous challenges being faced in the business of creating, funding and broadcasting local content in Nigeria. We find it very heartwarming that government has finally looked into these challenges and is proffering solutions to save local content media business from collapse,” the association stated. 

While applauding the government on its intention to encourage the production of adverts for local products and services within Nigeria, EMCOAN says it believes the adverts will tell a more compelling story and connect better with the target audience. 

“We have always believed that nobody can tell our story better than us. So, EMCOAN supports the penalty for airing of adverts not locally produced on media outlets in Nigeria and the airing of adverts run on foreign media, on the local stations as well. We believe the Nigerian market of 200 million people provides huge possibilities for everyone. 

“Finally, the creation of the content development fund from the penalties will go a long way to build the much needed capacity and funding required to encourage our large army of young creative who have shown they have what it takes to excel at the global level.”

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