Musiliu Ishola: I can never quit Apala music

For popular Apala singer, Musiliu Haruna Ishola, he can never quit music.

According to the Soyoyo crooner and son of the late Apala legend, Haruna Ishola, his not releasing new albums in recent times does not mean he has abandoned music. “I’m still in music. As a matter of fact, I have no other job except music. So, I can never abandon what I love doing,” he stressed.

Speaking further, Ishola said the situation in the country is not encouraging for musicians to release albums, that’s why he has decided to hang his microphone for now.

“The situation in the country is not conducive for musicians to continue releasing albums. During the time of our fathers, there was little or no piracy, but now piracy is everywhere; it has eaten deep into the music industry,” he said.

Ishola recalled that his chartbuster album, Soyoyosold almost 20 million copies while the sophomore, Authentic hit the 15 million mark. “But now, hardly can an album sell up to 20,000 copies. And the last straw that broke the camel’s back in the entertainment industry is the COVID-19 pandemic,” he concluded.