Wizkid to his kids: Don’t emulate me!

Afrobeats star, Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun aka Wizkid has told his kids not to emulate him, but rather grow up to be better personalitites.

According to the musician, who was a guest of Zane Lowe on Apple Music recently, it is very important to let his children understand themselves as well as what life is, so they could grow up to be better human beings.

“It is very, very important to let my kids understand life and understand themselves. I wouldn’t want them to emulate me, but be even better human beings. That is my own important role to be able to raise great, amazing human beings. But I mean from the soul, cause whenever I meet a great person, I’m happy,” he said. 

The award-winning singer and father of three, who is currently holidaying in the United States with his children, further stated: “Like I feel I go out and like there’s a whole lot of us around. You feel me? So, I would just want to always be in the midst of everything, in the midst of the madness, in the midst of how fast the world is growing, as I would just always want my kids to stay true to that. Just by me staying true to who I am, so yeah.” 

Speaking about personal discovery, Wizkid said he has just found inner peace, though he couldn’t explain how. “Man, I just found myself. I found my peace, man. I found myself. I found my peace in ways I can’t even put words to explain. I can’t explain it. As we are growing as older people… So, when you’re young, it’s like you’re searching like, ‘Okay, who am I? What?’ You’re inspired by a lot of people. So, it’s like you’re trying to find yourself. But right now, I feel like I’m in the best, I’m in my zone. I know exactly why I’m here. I just found my peace, man. I found my peace in ways I can’t explain.”

Wizkid whose latest album, Made in Lagosis ruling the airwaves globally, said he doesn’t discriminate when it comes to music, as he confesses that he listens to all songs. “I listen to everything, man. You’d be shocked. I listen to everything; everything that comes out I’ll listen. I listen, man, everything, everything I listen to because… As I said, music is life and I stay, sleep, (and) eat music; that’s in anything I do. So, yeah, I listen to everything, man. I will get down, so like… You think about it, anything you can imagine I listen to. And I listen to a lot of old music too, cause I’m old. So, like I love, I love, I love all records.”