After tragic loss of wife and son, Global Boga laments: ‘My world has been taken away!’

Almost a year after the tragic loss of his wife, Nicole Thea and son, Reign in July 2020, dancer turned-Afrobeat artiste, Global Boga, has opened up on his pains and fears. 

24-year-old YouTube star, Nicole passed on while eight months pregnant. The couple’s newborn baby, Reign, also died the same day.

In an exclusive interview granted BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat, Global Boga said: “I thought I wasn’t going to make it. In my brain, I had discussions with the man up there, because what else have I got? Like, I’ve been in this country alone. Alone. And it’s been so hard.

“I met my queen, I met my guardian angel, and in two years, it just vanished.”

In an intimate family photo, shared exclusively with BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat, Global Boga’s newborn son, Reign can be seen holding his father’s hand, shortly before he also died. The family wanted this moment to be shared.

Speaking about the thing he will miss most about Nicole, Boga said: “It’s Nicole’s love. She showed me some kind of thing that no matter what you’re going through, we’re one. And you’re OK.”

The artiste said he clearly remembers his final moments with Nicole when he closes his eyes, but he has to “keep it moving”.

Hear him: “When I close my eyes like this now, it’s just the last moment of what happened, me and her… Her love is strong. So when I close my eyes, that is literally all I see. And I have to open my eyes because I don’t want to get to the end of that, because it still doesn’t make sense until now. So I just keep my strength to myself, and keep it moving.”

The causes of Nicole and Reign’s death are currently unknown. There hasn’t been an inquest yet – many hearings have been postponed because of the pandemic. The family also say they can’t disclose the circumstances surrounding their deaths, as they’re going through legal proceedings to find out how and why this happened.

Global Boga has turned to music to cope with his grief, recording an EP, The Pain.“Anything I feel now, I just express through music. But when you listen to it you’re not going to hear any pain. I want to take people (away) from that. Let’s start dancing. We’re not dancing because I’ve lost my wife and son. But we’re dancing because there’s a better reign, you know?”

Asked how he wants people to remember Nicole, Boga said: “Her love. That’s all I want you guys to know. Look at the way she loved me. My world has been taken away.”

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