Love letter from Ghanaian music diva, Wiyaala


Ghanaian music diva, Wiyaala has penned a love missive to her fans in Africa. In the ‘Letter from Wiyaala’, the musician revealed reasons she wrote the song, ‘The Captain’s Lament’. She also opened up on all what she has been up to in the last one year. Enjoy it.

Dear fans,

#ROARRRRRR! Good morning from the Lioness of Africa!

We have a saying in Africa:“If you invite death into your house, he will take you with him when he leaves.”

Living through present times; that could be a tag line for the coronavirus. I hope you, your families, and friends are safe.It is the random nature of unexpected death that inspired me to write ‘The Captain’s Lament’ in memory of Captain Maxwell Mahama, a distant cousin, who in 2017 was lynched by a mob in the mining town of Denkyira-Obuasi in Ghana’s Central Region.

Love letter from Wiyaala
The Captain’s Lament

For touring musicians, performing arts people and many others around the world, 2020 went missing. But the Corona cloud brought a silver lining. 

It’s often said, when one door closes another opens. As if by magic, I was able to do things in Funsi, which would never have been possible if I had spent months on tour in Europe.

1. I’ve been able to mentor my Girls & Boys Club to stage a performance for the former President of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama. The club also made a short movie for children and we collaborated with Rafiki Jazz and Sarah The Sufi on Nduggu Bouy, a music video about climate change and desertification of the Sahel.

2. I’ve drilled a borehole for constant flowing water. Funsi is built on rock and we have an underground river contained within the rock. The relationship between rock, sand, water and human beings, I have explored in my song, ‘Rock & Sand’.

3. With the help of the Funsi community, we built an Arts Centre to hold events and festivals. As soon as we can, we will put the Djimba World Festival back on again.

4. I’ve also upgraded some buildings in Funsi to create the “Wiyaala Guest House & Restaurant”. The official opening will be soon. Already we have hosted many visitors including Drew BinskyWode Maya and Berla Munday.And Drew even bought a cow to say thank you to Funsi for our friendly hospitality!

5. Throughout the year, I’ve worked with UNICEFGhanaWateraid GhanaBeBetter MentorshipThe European Union Song Contest and on promo campaigns with Ghanaian brands Royal Farmers RiceGolden Drop Vegetable OilHD Plus GhanaEverpure Water and the GW Ventures African Collection. I’m grateful to all of them and always happy to endorse Ghanaian business.

Much love, best wishes and thank you to all who have supported! The new album Yaga Yaga is coming very soon! Here is a preview….

A big #ROARRRRRR from The Lioness of Africa!

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