Amina Muntari Most Promising Ghanaian Actress To Headline The Movie Industry

Amina Muntari Most Promising Ghanaian Actress To Headline The Movie Industry
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Amina Muntari (born 11th May, 190) is a Tamales-born Ghanaian actress. For her work as an actress, she has received several awards and nominations, including the awards for ‘Overall Best Actress’ in the three Northern Region. She is one of the auspicious star in the movie industry. A good-looking Amina is populary known as Amina Agbaa.


Amina Agbaa who had the desire to become a movie started her stardom journey way back from infancy. As common to every star she started from somewhere and finally did a professional shoot in 2010. She was stared in a Dagbani Movie Tittled ‘Alamatu’. That was her first featured Movie Shot in a Dagbani dialect.


Portraying good acting skills and exhibiting much talent in her previous movie, Amina had the chance to play her role as the lead character in her subsequent movie titled ‘AGBAA’ which means 12:00 in 2011.


2012 Amina Agbaa which remains the best actress on our screens when it comes to movies, she got nominated as the Over all Best Actress of Year. Since no one can compete with her when it comes to movie acting she finally came out as the the winner.


Gaining much experience in the movie industry, Amina continued the good work with tenacity and hadwork and eventually came out with her own production ‘N’DUMA M’MI’ which literally means “MY LORD KNOWS”. “MY LORD KNOWS” which is a true storyline of this great actress of our time was very heart-touching and emotional. She told the world about her own story which includes the ups and downs she has been through all the days of her life.


Being very inspirational and motivative piece of work N’DUMA M’MI got nominated as the ‘Overall Best Actress’ in 2016 edition, but unfortunately she lost that category for her competitors.


Loosing both awards couldn’t kill her spirit, as self – motivated actress she again came out with another piece titled ‘MALMI N’DOO YILI’ means MAINTAIN MY MARITAL HOME, which massively went viral and gave her another opportunity to be nominated as Best Actress in 2017 and she won that category.


Upon closely following her story you can see Amina has been one of the successful actress in the history of Ghanaian movie with many importunities and awards.


Her style of acting is soo unique that a lot movie directors chase her for a role. She has been featured on a countless movies which includes 30 DAYS, N’PINI(MY GIFT), ALIWANKA, “M’MA NYAVILI (MY MOTHER’S LIFE) and just to mention but few.


In 2017 she came out with her own production called AGBAA PRODUCTION . She produced a movie by Title WUN ZALGU(GOD’S WILLING) that she was featured in and was the main character which she again get nominated for the Overall Best Actress Of The year and she won it again in just gone 2018 Northern Entertainment Awards. So Currently she’s the Overall Best Actress now in the three Northern Regions.


Amina Agbaa and the production is set to release action movies this year and they are going across the Nation, it wouldn’t matter about the language because all her movies have Subtitles.


Like her Facebook page @Amina Agbaa for her latest updates.
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