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Decyple preaches with his music on Remixone Entertainment Show

Decyple preaches with his music on Remixone Entertainment Show
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He is a little star amongst his peers and had shown love for music and song writing from an early age (8 years), he also represents an allegory. Decyple doubles up as a singer and a song writer.

Benjamin Rojah a couple of stage sobriquets but because he was born a progressive thinker, he had dreams of escalating at a very young age so he bestowed Decyple on himself as his stage name.

At the age of 12, Decyple started producing and building beats in junior high school, his mum was an organists, at that time he had the chance of using the organ in writing Christmas and anniversary songs which was performed at his church and school.

He has a brain of a creative genius, his inner passion and drive allowed him to devote his time and energy towards Afro beats. While his peers were getting into trouble, he gravitated towards music.

In spite of that he was much instrumental on his academics with special love for medicine. Within his heart, his inner voice was cajoling him to let his voice be heard.

Every music artist has a story and Decyple shared his also, “Music seeks to change hearts and minds” With killer tunes as “Will you be mine”,” Pull off”, “Missing you”, “Time lost”, “Gyala a Bombard”, Benjamin Roger, stage name- DECYPLE ,believes in Larss Vincent McKevitt saying that :”If some musicians put more energy into their own craft they’d be less likely to attack the artist they have a problem with ‘not being’.”

His craft is full of wordplay and meaningful perspective of changing lyrics. Moving forward, Decyple is a deep seeded individual who loves to inspire and better people to better himself forever.

His aim is to fuse Afrobeats with dancehall. When it comes to the style of Decyple’s music, he believes in a meaningful rhyme transition.

Meanwhile, Benjamin Rojah, looks up to Jamaican dancehall gurus like Busysignal and Alkaline. When asked if he looks up to Ghanaian musicians, he’s response was affirmative. He thus made mention of Mzvee, Shatawale, Samini, Stonebyow and the lots.

Benjamin Rojah (Decyple) is yet to garner local cum international recognition because the kind of music he does is a touchstone of subconscious demonstration and soon his songs will flow like avalanche of abundance.

Despite the challenges of dissapointing sound engineers and a family which does not support his idea, he is ignited by his passion for music. Unlike new artistes, Decyple has a true fandom of actifans of his passion with the name BOMBARD.

“Branding, branding is what makes people accept you. ” he said. Talking to Remixone Entertainment, there are five things he couldn not do without, his fans, family, music, people who believe in him and life. Moreover, he self learns about music through books and also tap his lyrics from challenges within the society, time, stories, words from great people, his mother, environment and last but not the least he composes his lyrics in such a way every one can relate to.

Furthermore, when Decyple was asked if he will ever retire, he quoted Loius Armstrong. “Musicians don’t retire, they stop when they have no more music in them.”

He believes that in keeping with the competition, one must study the trend and move with it. Watch out for “Ole-a-Vibe“. His new tune for Christmas. It’s Bombard!!!
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