Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Edo-born content creator and graduate of International Studies and Diplomacy, Osemwota Efe aka FunyP, has deployed his skills in comedy, skit making, jokes, biting sarcasm and satires to spread love and laughter across Nigeria and beyond.

FunyP, whose other stage names include Pluto Presido and Angel Wey Dey Bleach, first took the industry by surprise with his HomeOfLafta brand, which produced ace comedians and content creators like Eduado Untamed, Medical Live, Just Comedy With FunyP and a host of others.
Speaking in Benin City, Edo State recently, Osemwota Efe, the entertainer behind the HomeOfLafta brand, says it requires consistency and a streak of creativity to captivate audiences and attain success in content creation; stressing that such traits are essential to building a thriving brand.
According to FunyP, “I started out with the intention of making people laugh and passing messages using ordinary day-to-day occurrences. Over time, I have built my craft and have started to structure my talent to attract different audiences.”

FunyP has also added another feather to his entertainment cap, as he is currently trending on all social media platforms with his latest brand, Pluto Presido, a series aimed at expressing and bringing out the unique lifestyles of youths who call themselves ‘Plutomanians’.
According to the CEO of HomeOfLafta, the series has become the darling of young people both in Nigeria and beyond on Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, Twitter, YouTube and WhatsApp.
Conceding that no man is an island, the artiste said, “I have learnt from my colleagues in the industry and will continue to refine my craft so as to appeal better to the audience. It is important to carve a niche for oneself by churning out top-notch productions at every outing so as to standout.”
The entertainer acknowledged that the HomeOfLafta brand has developed a unique touch to his content over the years, establishing partnership and collaboration with other notable skit makers across Nigeria.

The Pluto Presido also used the opportunity to offer words of caution to practitioners and up coming skit makers to adhere to acceptable standards.
“While everyone is at liberty to choose what works best for them, it is also pertinent for skit makers and those who produce pranks to exercise caution. Some skits can get really dangerous and we have seen instances where contexts were not taken into account when people made skits.”
This, according to FunyP, is why some of his colleagues have gotten into trouble. “We need self-censorship and that is what is required to avoid running foul of the law, and to respect the sensibility of our followers.”


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