Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

By Josephine Awosode

In a fashion world dominated by unique luxury brands, Taiwo and Kehinde Bello’s Outterspace Integrated Luxury has continued to disrupt the industry with its creativity and attention to intricate details.

For the Bellos, luxury is about sophistication and self-expression, and this they bring to bear on their designs. In fact, the siblings’ unique approach to luxury, which goes beyond high-end materials and exorbitant prices, has set their fashion brand apart from others.

Founded in 2019, Outterspace Integrated Luxury has since expanded to the United Kingdom where its fresh and exciting designs have captured the attention of fashion connoisseurs globally.

Interestingly, the founders of Outterspace inherited a passion for fashion from their grandfather, who was a fashion design guru in his days. And as the business grows, the twins continue to equip themselves with skills necessary to lead a successful enterprise. They combine their uniqueness to create a fresh perspective to the contemporary urban fashion landscape, showcasing the cultural diversity of Africa. Together, the siblings oversee the business of designing, sewing, quality control, talent outsourcing and marketing; birthing truly unique and dynamic pieces that celebrate African culture and tradition.

Indeed, the incredible success of Outterspace Integrated Luxury is a testament to the power of perseverance and ability to reinvent magnificence. The brand’s founders have shown that luxury can be accessible and inclusive, and that it is a possibility as long as one has the creativity, drive and tenacity to succeed. As such, Outterspace’s collections encapsulate self-expression, comfort, status, sophistication, and street credibility. Currently, Outterspace has its stronghold in Nigeria and the United Kingdom, and it’s gradually spreading its branches to the rest of the world. As the brand continues to expand, the founders, Taiwo and Kehinde Bello, have vowed to remain committed to their vision of reimagining luxury, as well as creating a formidable and globally unique fashion brand.

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